Integration Type - Quik! Pulls Data

One of the most common types of integration in the Quik! App is to a CRM (customer relationship management database) or other outside data source to pull existing data for prefilling onto forms. This section describes how that works and what's needed from an integration partner in order for Quik! to integrate with your product. 

Why A Data Integration?

The main goal of the Quik! App is to make it faster and easier to fill out forms. Forms are much easier to complete when existing data is prefilled from a CRM or data source.

Example: Prefilling a Form

The real power of Quik! is realized when a user can leverage all the effort they already made to maintain their data in a database system. 

User Experience

How Users Setup Data Sources

In the Quik! App users establish their connection to a CRM by going through the following steps.

  1. After logging in, go to the Settings menu and choose the Integrations tab.

  2. In the CRM & Other Data Sources section, the user will click the Add Source button

  3. The user enters the information requested to establish a connection between Quik! and your system

  4. The user will select the data source they want to use from the list provided (your source will be listed here)

  5. Once the user enters all the necessary data, they will click TEST CONNECTION (which will validate credentials to test the connection) or ADD to establish the connection. If valid, the data source will be added to their account.

How Users Use Data Sources

The Quik! App allows users to set up as many data sources as they need. Users can also use multiple data sources to fill out a single package of data, which gives them tremendous flexibility for doing their work. Using a data source is very simple, per the steps below.

  1. To use the data source, the user will first select forms to fill out. Then, on the Add Clients page, the user will first choose a data source to pull data from.

  2. With a selected data source the user will then search for a client record

  3. The user will add the client to a role on the form so when the forms are generated Quik! knows which client records to request from the CRM. For the Owner 1 or Entity 1 roles the user may also be able to choose an account record to prefill, if the CRM supports account data that is related to the client record.

  4. The pre-filled information is then displayed once the user launches the form.

Integration Requirements

A strong integration will enable Quik! to leverage every piece of data in your system that can be put onto a form. In most cases, the data users want is client records, related client records (e.g. beneficiaries, accountants, lawyers, etc.) and some account data (e.g. account numbers). 

The following information is required in order for Quik! to create an integration to your system to pull data onto forms.

ElementDescriptionRequired?Data TypeQuik! Location
Product NameThe name of your product to display to the userYESStringConnection Setup
AuthenticationAn API or method that enables Quik! to authenticate as a partner and validate the user. Ideally, the authentication method returns an OAuth token so Quik! does not have to store actual user credentials.YESAPIInternal
Test ConnectionAn API to test the connection between Quik! and your product has been successfully linked.NOAPIConnection Setup
Client SearchAn API to search for client records with keywordsYESAPIClient Search
Account ListAn API that returns a list of accounts for a given client recordNOAPIClient Search
Client DetailsAn API that returns all the available data for a given client recordYESAPILaunch Forms
Account DetailsAn API that returns all the available data for a given account recordNOAPILaunch Forms
Phone RecordsAn API that returns a list of phone numbers associated to a client record. This feature supports some database structures and is optionally available to those CRMs that need it.NOAPILaunch Forms
Address RecordsAn API that returns a list of addresses associated to a client record. This feature supports some database structures and is optionally available to those CRMs that need it.NOAPILaunch Forms

If your CRM has additional APIs, the Quik! team will evaluate how best to use them with our product in order to provide the most value and best experience to users.