Quik! Field Definition Version 2.0 (v2009)0

The updates to Quik! Field Definition are in the following areas:

  • All forms are built to the PREMIUM standard level including signature fields
  • Export value of "-1" represents "NONE" ("0" represents "OTHER")
  • The Quik! Field Definition is comprised of over 1,220,000 fields 


The Quik! Field Definition forms the data model of all Quik! software products and a basic understanding of how the definition works will greatly enhance the ability to utilize Quik! products and component technologies.

Online Access

The Quik! Field Definition can be accessed on the web at the following locations.

Service Levels

All of the Quik! Forms are built upon the Quik! Field Definition, but how the form is used determines the Service Level to which the form is built. There are four Service Levels:

Service Level


Typical Forms


These fields are used in the Quik! Database Connector and Standard service level

All forms


This is the minimum standard to which forms are built.

All forms


Forms are built with all possible fields in order to support Quik! Forms Data Engine usage and electronic signatures

New account forms for companies who use Quik! Forms Enterprise to perform straight-through-processing


Fields are designed, but intended to become Premium in the future


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