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Parent (Level 1) Fields

Parent fields are the highest level field names and describe the entity or object to which a base field applies. Since there are a variety of different people who can be represented on a form (owner, beneficiary, trustee, etc), there are different parent fields defined to represent those entities, while the same base fields are used – this eliminates the need for defining unique field names for repetitive fields.

While there are many different parent fields representing various people or entities, there can also be numerous instances of each type. For example, there can be up to ten fifty account owners, so the Owner parent field can be iterated as Owner1 through Owner10Owner50.


Parent fields have the following attributes:

Quik! Field Name

The actual field name on a form (internal use only)

Field Short Name

A short descriptive field name

Field Description

Long description of the field including it’s purpose,   synonyms and keywords

System Name

Name of the field as used in Quik! software for   identifying the field

Data Set Type

Indicates the type of parent field functions with the   base field

Max Entities

Number of instances that the parent field can support

Date Active

Indicates when the field became active in the definition

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