The term paperless was first introduced in a 1975 Newsweek article called "The Office Of The Future" published June 30, 1975 which touted the concept of a fully automated office without paper. It seems that instead of eliminating paper we actually have more of it. The promise of a paperless office has only been partially realized and much more can be done to fully do away with paper right now.

 Efficient Technology Inc (ETI) has several solutions that focus on eliminating paperwork and forms-based processes. This paper does not intend to promote ETI's specific products, rather to discuss the methods, concepts and options available for achieving a paperless office with tools available today.

Readers of this white paper should have a basic understanding of their business processes that depend on paper forms, applications and/or surveys. The technology concepts discussed in this paper do not require a technology background and should appeal to any and all readers.

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