Integration Types

The Quik! App is designed to support integrations with other products, partner solutions and customer systems. Some integrations are available today, and some are still under development by Quik!. Read about each type below, and click on the links for technical details on each type that is currently supported with the Quik! App.

Quik! Pulls Data

The primary way that forms are prefilled with CRM data is for the Quik! App to pull data from the CRM. This pull mechanism ensures that the Quik! user can access all the relevant data records and prefill onto forms without leaving the Quik! interface.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

For CRMs and other systems that want to start the forms process from within their own interface, data can be pushed into Quik! via an SSO (single-sign-on) request. Users in your product should have the ability to choose one or more data records and then send them to Quik!. The user would then be launched into the Quik! App and follow the user experience designed within Quik!.


Quik! offers a set of reporting services that makes it easy to access data about usage and user activity. This data can be used in any manner of ways for your own reporting purposes. Our enterprise customers and partners can also be given access to a reporting dashboard that has several graphical reports available upon request.

Request Access To Reporting (for enterprise customers and partners only)

Native Forms Generation


For software products that want a quick and simple way for their users to generate forms, the Quik! App will offer a javascript-based approach to display a list of form groups or favorites from the Quik! App and a button to immediately launch the forms. The user will stay within your product and generate the form directly inside. 



To make certain events available to other systems (i.e. generating a form, saving a form, printing a form, e-signing a form, etc.) the Quik! App will offer several webhooks. Webhooks make it possible for 3rd party systems to be notified of events and results of those events so other products can take additional actions. 

For help regarding Quik! Forms and the Quik! API
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