Field List Spreadsheet

To download an interactive spreadsheet of fields and lookup values click the link below for the field list in spreadsheet format.

SSO Field List Spreadsheet: Common Fields To Send to Quik! via SSO.xlsx

CRM Field List Spreadsheet: CRM_QuikFieldDefinitionList.xlsx

Most Common Fields and Roles: Common Fields To Send to Quik! via SSO.xlsx

RECOMMENDED: We recommend starting with the CRM Field List Spreadsheet because it only has the most common fields used in CRMs, which greatly reduces the number of fields you need to consider when doing field mapping, at least when you are just getting started. Start with mapping the basics, like First Name, Date of Birth, Home Address, etc. Then, when you need to solve for the details, move on to the next spreadsheet that contains all possible fields in the Quik! Field Definition. 

Full Field List Spreadsheet:

Financial Services Industry: QuikFieldDefinitionList.xlsx

Immigration Law Industry: QuikFieldDefinitionList Immigration.xlsx

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