Base Fields


Base (Level 2 and Level 3) Fields

The lowest level field name describes the type of data that is expected to be captured by the field on the form. There are 3400 base fields that fully describe clients, accounts, advisors, products, product companies, etc.


Base fields have the following attributes:

Quik! Field Name

The actual field name on a form (internal use only)

Field Short Name

A short descriptive field name

Field Description

Long description of the field including it's purpose, synonyms and keywords

System Name

Name of the field as used in Quik! software for identifying the field

Data Set Type

Indicates the type of parent field functions with the base field


A sub category to better describe the general purpose of the field

Date Active

Indicates when the field became active in the definition


Specifies a format that should be applied to a field if the field value is numeric (e.g. phone number)

Data Type

Indicates the type of data expected in the field (number, string, boolean, signature, etc)

Sample Data

Shows sample data for the field

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