Defined Lookup Values


Lookup Values (For Checkboxes)

When a field is a check box, there may be a pre-defined lookup value that is set in the checkbox's "Export" value. This value defines the data that is output from the checkbox when a user submits the form data electronically. This value is also used to check the checkbox when pre-filling the form (i.e. set the value of the field according to the lookup value to pre-check the appropriate checkbox on the form). In general, the following rules can be followed when reviewing checkbox values.



Export Value = 0

A value of "0" will always mean "OTHER" and can reflect an undefined value.

Yes/No Checkboxes

A checkbox representing a YES or NO will have an export value of "YES" or "NO"

Checkboxes that do not have lookup values

If a checkbox appears on a form, and the checkbox is undefined (Not a Quik! defined field), then the export value will reflect the instance of the checkbox as it appears on the form, from top to bottom, left to right. In other words, the first checkbox will have an export value of "1", the second checkbox will have an export value of "2", then "3", sequentially until all the checkboxes are checked.

True/False Checkboxes

A checkbox representing TRUE or FALSE, will have an export value of "1" or "2".

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