The following assumptions are included in the design of this definition:

  1. This definition supports pre-filling text values on forms and some defined lookup values.
  2. This definition is specifically designed to enable the process of opening new accounts and is intended to fully automate new account forms, and only partially automate related forms.
  3. This definition is not necessarily designed to support other transactions or other objectives of forms (e.g. updating existing account records, distributing funds from accounts, etc.) but can be used to perform most other transaction types.
  4. The definition is a core component of each Quik! software program, service and/or solution
  5. The definition is strictly a data model that can be used with or without forms.
  6. Electronic signatures are supported via the field definition for signature fields on forms.
  7. All field names, attributes, methods and described purposes for the Quik! Field Definition are the copyrighted property of Efficient Technology Inc.

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