Configuring Child Customer Accounts

Quik! offers customers the ability to set up sub-accounts (aka "Child Accounts") for their clients for enhanced account-level customization. This page will describe some of the reasons a customer may want to set up these sub-accounts under their main account (aka "Parent Account"), and how to do this.

Child Accounts: For Partners and Enterprises

If your company is embedding Quik! within a product or service that you extend to your own customers (i.e. a re-seller who sells Quik! as a feature in their product, or a large enterprise who extends software to users and wants users to have separate accounts), then using Child Accounts may be for you.

What Is A Child Account

Every customer in Quik! gets a Customer Account that includes:

  • CustomerID
  • Master Credentials
  • Unlimited Users

We offer the ability for your Customer Account to become a "parent" account to any number of "child" accounts, meaning you can sign up customers within Quik! and have their accounts related to yours. This parent-child relationship serves as a link for the following purposes:

  • Reporting
  • Billing
  • Extending product licenses
  • Controlling product features
  • Controlling form availability 

Reasons to Create Child Accounts for Your Clients

Types of customers who create child accounts:

  • Software provider who needs to control users separately within Quik!
  • Enterprise application that wants to serve users or groups of users separately within Quik!
  • Any customer who's users have their own custom or private forms and wants to maintain privacy for individuals or groups of users

Some of the uses cases include:

  • Forms:
    • Your clients all use different sets of forms. With separate accounts, you (or they) can subscribe their account to only the form libraries that they need. This way, client A will not see the forms that belong to client B. You can also create Form Groups for each child account.
  • Rules:
    • Your clients have different rules for how their users fill out forms. With separate accounts, you (or they) can create Field Rules for their account only, with no impact to any other clients.
  • Reporting:
    • You wish to see each of your clients' usage metrics in a report. This is especially useful if you choose to utilize Quik! as a revenue-generating service.
  • Billing: 
    • Quik! can bill the parent account for total transactions generated from all combined child accounts. As the direct customer you then have the option of billing each of your clients based on their individual usage. See more on how you can utilize Quik! reporting services for this purpose here.

How to Create Child Accounts

Child accounts can be set up in one of two ways:

  • Manually by the Quik! team - ideal for small numbers of accounts or if you don't expect to add many over time
  • Automatically via API - AddCustomer method


If you would like support setting up child accounts during your on-boarding or piloting phase, or if you don't expect to add more than one or two accounts per month, then feel free to send an email to with your customer's info including:

  • Company Name
  • Customer Contact Name
  • Customer Contact Email
  • Requested Set up Date (please do not say ASAP, always specify a date)


If you expect to set up a lot of customer accounts or simply want an automated way to ensure accounts are set up, then use our APIs to add, edit or remove accounts and users.

Call the AddCustomer method to create child customer accounts that are associated to your parent account. When a child customer account is created, one master user account is created by default with an associated email, username, and password that typically belongs to an admin at the client organization. Once a a new child account is created, the person whose email is used with the customer account will receive an automated email from Quik! providing them with their credentials.

Important Considerations

When using child accounts, please consider some of the impact managing these accounts may have. 

  • If you create child accounts, you have the option of managing each Quik! Forms Enterprise Manager account yourself or training your clients to manage their own Quik! Forms Enterprise Manager accounts. 
  • Both parent accounts and child accounts can call Quik! APIs using their own unique master user credentials. 
  • Although they have the ability, Quik! customers typically do not create users for their child accounts. This is because billing is typically done at the transaction level (i.e. the "usage" pricing model), and there is no need to track users. Child accounts simply need to utilize their master user credentials when calling APIs. Again, when a child customer account is created, one master user account is created by default.
  • Support to child accounts is your responsibility and Quik! does not expect to provide first-level support to child accounts unless agreed upon in advance.