Quik! Field Definition Overview

Quik! Field Definition Overview

At the heart of Quik! is a core architecture that all Quik! products and services share in common: the Quik! Field Definition. The purpose of the Field Definition is to make all forms and documents work in the same manner through a defined set of field types with common field names. Whether a given form's job is to open a new account or change an address or inform a customer about something, any time the form requires the customer's first and last name, that name should appear on the form in the correct place regardless of how the form is visually designed. The Quik! Field Definition makes this possible by having the same field on different forms built the exact same way.
To better organize data on forms, each data field can be defined by the following components:

  • Base Field: name of the field according to the data that a form requires (e.g. FirstName to collect First Name data)
  • Parent Field: name of a parent entity that groups the base fields according to how the field is being used (e.g. Owner1 groups data for the primary account owner)
  • Data Set Type: a class of data that describes the intent of a parent and all related base fields
  • Data Type: type of data expected to be output from a field

 View fields in our field definition data grid viewer - http://admin.etiforms.com/qfdgrid.aspx

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