Field Naming Convention

Quik! Field Naming Convention

The field naming convention is as follows:
Quik! Field Name (form) = ##<PARENT FIELD NAME>.<BASE FIELD NAME>

  • "##" - The ## represents a counter that indicates the instance of the parent name – a counter is not used with certain names.
  • "<PARENT NAME>" – The Parent Name is a top-level field name that describes the entity that the base field applies to (e.g. Owner, Annuitant, Rep, etc).
  • "<BASE NAME>" – The Base Name is the actual field name that describes the purpose of the data that appears on the form.
  • "." – A period or "." separates field names in order to distinguish a hierarchy amongst fields (note: Base Names can be formed from multiple fields separated by periods ".").

Parent/Base Relationship

Parent and Base fields relate to each other by sharing the same Data Set Type. Data Set Types, as described below, are intended to group common fields together for a singular purpose (e.g. client data vs. account data vs. rep data, etc.).
You can form the correct field name by pairing the Parent name with the same Data Set Type as the Base name (e.g. Client). The Quik! Field Name is used from both the Parent and Base to form the Quik! Field Name, and the System Name is used from both the Parent and Base to form the System Name.

Sample Field Names

Quik! Form Field Name Samples:

  • 1own.FName – the primary account holder's first name
  • 1own.H.FullAddr – the primary account holder's full address
  • 1acc.Reg – the primary account registration or title

Electronic Signature Fields

A signature field is any field on a form that is set up as a signature field type in the form model. The following naming convention ensures that every signature field is absolutely unique across all documents and pages. For customers or partners who are looking to find a signature field on a form, look for field names that end with ".sign"

 Form Field Naming Convention: DataSetName(role).FormID.FieldInstanceNumber.sign

1own.12345.2.sign (This is the signature field for owner 1 on FormID 12345 and this is the second signature for owner 1 on that form.)

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